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. president obama and clinton, along with first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton, laid a wreath at the eternal flame, where jfk was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery, the fateful day never forgotten. pe said the memory of president kennedy will live on. >> i just think he had this worldwide magnetism. it was just incredible. everyone in the u.k. -- even -- we have a grandson who is just 9, and he knows about jfk. >> accomplished a lot in the short time he was with, and i think his legacy still resonates with generations. >> oxford university press unveiled the 2013 word of the year -- "selfie." the publisher said it's seen a big jump in the usage of the word in the past year. smartphones have made it easier for people to take self-portraits, thanks to popular sites like instagram. "selfie" was added to the online version of the oxford dictionary and may go into the traditional version in the future. for the first time ever, pope francis publicly displayed relics believed to be the bone fragments of the first pope, saint peter. the relics, placed in a jewel box, were sh
this to some tunes american fans lady michelle obama took in the open. former us president bill clinton but his ninety fourth birthday. in november twenty two of the national bank but nonetheless based on the new nets. by now it was recognized with respect to all of the well i have been the two. a whole. and then use the content of the people who are really nice. that too the acorn be auctioned to the community. i honor her. i find a stall is showing no signs of weakening in all your effort that was at least four people dead or missing britain's environment agency board of the risk of a stone was such a tent area has been deployed to protect london winds of up to two hundred and twenty km i love pummeled the east coast of scotland. a dissenting this laurie and killing the driver. as highway when his head for the consonant handbags and the agency said this was down to the fullest and school was with my east. the storm is also causing transport chaos with hundreds of flights canceled and rail networks shot down. as it reaches small line ends of the case if gemini the residents fear being cut off
of the zoo's panda cam and as thousands of fans including first lady michelle obama gave val balance special shout out atc's naming ceremony. she's also on second surviving cub born at the national zoo after several attempts impregnated her mother may she fails giant pandas are one of the world's most endangered specie seats that now was conceived through artificial insemination in march . what a technology industry has been around almost as long as the state of israel. however in recent years since israel's entrance to the oecd countries dominance worldwide has expanded dramatically where at the what the convention and to love eve which has become the biggest showcase o israel the innovations to representatives of over fifty countries. anthony cox and the newest these clite by a diverse team would a division that makes that since israel has joined his optimization and started cheering exported technology which is at the very crucial impact of many of the member states israel is clearly a a world leader in water technology and since this instance ellis joined a least a day but man of strong
time i flew to michele's compete in typical of the show. the festival continues on. lights illuminating the flat so they can be even less. once michael's sister for the success of a few things that continues to ruin people going strong with cooper in the summer and its old tricks you knew. such. i was as you'll miss a dear friend queen elizabeth the second is deeply saddened. russian president dimitri somehow thousand and ten as one of the greatest quotations in oftentimes is just a few tomato the scoring in this friday after causing the south africa's former president indication of the divas injury and been able to peel me well in south africa itself. look who's coming to tennis with its else from on that let's cross our top correspondent in japan is that i havent had a fancy to be with us was
and i'll bow. meeting treasure in chinese us first lady michelle obama and chinese first lady paying the ones sent their congratulations on a video. we are thrilled to welcome this will come. a couple who exemplifies both the common bond between our nations and a bright future of this magnificent species came in to mop up all i want to pull a bill that could mean only am i gaining steam chemical montana. i guess news line with this tarantino dhoni in tokyo. act the eye did the dealer's choice the deaths of two thousand thirty. we'd like it opened a probe and you'd most like to watch again from a selection of nhk world tv programmes broadcast this year. we've created this awesome website where you can find information on the nominated programs including your thoughts and comments by a production team members. so please go to our website and vote now. do you. though. i am. moore. the kids called the mount isa begun to turn the heat on this
in last year it was michelle comic of the more which basically swept the awards the real world masterpiece on the issue to the top for a broken circle breakdown might might might do well boy might do well this is quite a few um i think you'll see the prize is spread out among three or four films. if i had to pay a bill i put my money on the french film was the warmest color which show which won the cannes is getting a lot of buzz out of head of the issues of them. i did say that its friends in the films that were nominated this year. it is strange sure it's the sort of an established trend. i mean we're seeing a lot of looking backwards. both forms colors a very french movie called the food and parking in the italian film the great beauties. the sleek an update on the go to the tap so i think maybe this time of all the people where people in europe are wondering where's your going european filmmakers are looking back and do their fruits as in european cinema before they decide where they can go in the future. the tracks that things that will certainly be checking in once they announced the
barack obama coming to pick his wife michelle obama has been forbidden to content will be coming to former president bush as well as the performing and is considered to be content. i'm the best defense minded to have for you as president when i get the thing. less people coming to see if it is still to fill space to do so could then make an end to have that stability is coming through the rest of africa lots of corporations taking teeth and getting that big memorial service on the grounds tomorrow. and of course from the winds stay at home to nelson mandela will of the league's state of the union buildings from wednesday until friday and dad doing be it in the morning and often it will be towed into distinctive for its really the eight unit the size of government wants to give. after six months to see him in ghana. last time was it cctv american state to monty into thinking the size of the plaza mentality of the some of the us the polis d this is the movement is similar to the apostates trouble he says go in there that the eighty one again. mike dawson and data. some of the ideol
to move from the country. the rebel leader michelle joe claudia declared himself the president of the country. since then the government supporters in the opposition really clash in the city streets. the un security council resolution adopted on thursday authorizes african and french joint military forces to conduct a military operation french commanders decided to bring about two hundred and fifty soldiers to protect the citizens of the country the hong kong authorities have recorded the second case of bird flu last week eight seven and nine virus was detected in the blood of an eighty year old man according to the local authorities he has been hospitalized there's no information available about the infected it is known that the patient lived in mainland china and the chicken there as it was reported to authorities have arrested the first case of the field and the ones up on monday after that seventeen people why contact with the carry of the virus eight seven and nine have been quarantined china witnessed outbreaks of infection in spring of two thousand thirteen and seven chi
. michelle's on top of french mep is parliament's raffle to all the single common market organization. he told us about his approach to the commission's powers these are the beautiful appearance. you can farm is close to the team in the house million of them the tall man. eucharist which happens to prices in the market. so when i do and where the dpp considers that the commission has not gone far enough. he's giving farmers the power to organize concerts. this has to go together. in order to stand out which of course much bigger. and that it was changed and cucumber to show that she had to choose whether to go world development plays a key role in the territorial economic and social cohesion of the eu and in the protection of the environment. it's also the second had a c ap the commission wants to make communities in the countryside stronger and more sustainable to targeted investment creating new long term employment opportunities austrian nep elizabeth coasting to a self promoting comment on the lake is parliament shot the report on the rural development aspects of the ap. she explained
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9